Balance Transfer Calculator

To calculate the top-up loan amount you are eligible for, you just need to fill in information about your current loan amount, EMIs and the loan tenure. Upon entering the required details, the result will show the foreclosure charges you will have to pay to close your current loan and the net cash in hand you will get after the closure of your current loan.

Calculate your EMI

Current Loan Details

EMI Amount of Current Loan
Original Loan Amount of Current Loan
Original Loan Tenure
 18  Months Months 60
Number of EMIs Paid
 12  Months Months 60

Required Loan Details

Duration of Loan
 12  Months Months 60
Interest Ratei
*Rate of interest can vary subject to credit profile. Loan approval is at the sole discretion of the finance partner.
 12  % % 25
Total Loan Amount3,12,000
Foreclosure Charges0
Cash In Hand3,12,000

What is Balance Transfer & Top-Up Loan?

Balance transfer is a strategic move. It involves shifting the outstanding balance of your existing car loan from one lender to another. By making this switch, you can save money on interest payments, lower your monthly EMIs, but majorly secure additional funds through a top-up loan.

Benefits of Balance Transfer & Top-Up Loan

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    The primary benefit is substantial savings on your car loan, thanks to lower interest rates.

  • shorttermloan

    Financial Flexibility

    Enjoy improved loan features and repayment terms that better align with your financial goals.

  • pre-approveloan

    Reduced Costs

    Say goodbye to excessive fees and charges, as you minimize the costs associated with your loan.

  • personalloan

    Lower Monthly Payments

    By negotiating improved terms, you can lower your monthly expenses, freeing up cash for other priorities.

  • balancetransfer

    More Money in Your Pocket

    The overall result? More money in your pocket, thanks to reduced car loan costs and potential top-up funds.

Using Our Balance Transfer Calculator

Our intuitive Balance Transfer Calculator is your tool for assessing your potential savings. Just enter your current loan details along with the details of the loan required and we'll provide you with the EMI and your total loan amount

Empower Your Finances

It's time to take charge of your financial future. Use our calculator to uncover the money-saving opportunities that balance transfer and top-up car loans can provide. Whether you want to keep more money in your bank account, lower your monthly expenses,or secure extra funds, our calculator is your ticket to a brighter financial future.

Ready to unlock your money-saving potential? Try our Balance Transfer Calculator now and take the first step towards a more financially secure tomorrow.

Frequently Asked  Questions

What is balance transfer & top-up loan?
What are the benefits of balance transfer & top-up loan?
Who is eligible for a balance transfer & top-up loan?
How much finance I can avail through balance transfer & top-up loan?
What are the tenure options available for balance transfer & top-up loan?
Disclaimer: As per the information entered by you the calculation is performed by Top-up Loan Amount Calculator and the amount of installments does not include any other fees charged by the financial institution / banks like processing fee, file charges, etc. The amount is in Indian Rupee rounded off to the nearest Rupee. Depending upon type and use of vehicle, regional lender requirements and the strength of your credit, actual and resulting monthly payments may vary. Exact monthly installments can be found out from the financial institution.