Consent Declaration

I hereby give my unconditional and unequivocal consent/ permission to Gaadi Web Private Limited and its affiliates (collectively hereinafter referred to as “rupyy”) and to the Financial Institution(s) (defined herein below) to collect, store and share my personal and/or financial and/or any other information as provided by me in connection with the transaction related to products and services availed or shown interest by me including but not limited to sale/purchase of vehicle, processing of loan application etc (hereinafter individually and collectively referred to as “Transaction(s)”).

“Financial Institution(s)” shall mean and include such bank, financial institution or non-banking financial company and their co-lending partners, including IDFC FIRST Bank, if any, wherein the customer wishes to file his/her loan application to avail the financial products and services offered by such bank, financial institution or non-banking financial company and/or such bank, financial institution or non-banking financial company with whom rupyy shares the personal and/or financial and/or any other information of customer provided by the customer to rupyy for the processing of loan application of customer basis his/her consent.

I also hereby appoint rupyy and/or Financial Institution(s) as my authorized representative to receive my credit information from Experian/Equifax/CIBIL/CRIF Highmark or any other agency certified in this regard and authorised from time to time (“Certified Agency”), for Credit underwriting and Customer due-diligence process to be undertaken by it or on behalf of its Financial Institutions for their Credit underwriting/risk assessment and Customer due-diligence process. I hereby provide my consent and request Certified Agency to provide my credit information to me and rupyy and/or Financial Institution(s) and hereby give my unconditional consent to the Certified Agency in this regard. This shall be deemed to be express consent by me to the Certified Agency.

I also understand that Gaadi Web Private Limited is the technology partner for financial institutions.

I understand and agree that rupyy may share my information with third parties including but not limited to vendor, dealer, OEM, Financial Institution(s), channel partners (“Third Parties”) which are registered with rupyy in regard to respective Transaction(s).

I understand and agree that rupyy or Third Parties may contact me through email, messages, phone, or any other means of communication available now or in future in connection with the Transaction(s) and conduct enquiries with other bodies, statutory or regulatory, as the case may be.

I undertake that I will provide prompt support to rupyy for the provision of required documents or additional information or completion of formalities in connection with the respective Transaction(s).

I undertake that the information and documents provided by me are true, correct & genuine and I shall keep rupyy, Financial Institutions and Third Parties indemnified in this regard including but not limited to any misrepresentation or false information, falsification of documents and/or forged documents provided by me.

I understand and agree that rupyy is merely an Intermediary which provides an online marketplace to its users and offers shown are indicative in nature which may vary from time to time depending on varied factors including but not limited to nature of the products and services and applicable terms and conditions as may be determined by Financial Institution(s).

In accordance with the Privacy Policy & Terms of Use, I understand that I have an option to Opt-out by following the prescribed process. I further understand that rupyy will not be responsible for the information or documents supplied by me and shared by rupyy with Financial Institution(s) and/or Third Parties prior to the date of choosing Opt-out option by me.

I have read, understood and accepted the applicable Privacy Policy( and Terms of Use (